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Is nUI : UnitPanel being maintained?

I stopped playing for awhile, started again last night. Updated all my mods, most through Curse updater....but all my nUI I used MMO Minion. I couldn't get my portraits to show unless I turned off nUI : UnitPanel. I did get a error message when it was on though.

1x nUI-5.07.20 (Plus)\Units\nUI_Unit.lua:490: attempt to call field 'setEnabled' (a nil value)
nUI-5.07.20 (Plus)\Units\nUI_UnitPanel.lua:623: in function `applySkin'
nUI-5.07.20 (Plus)\Main\nUI.lua:264: in function <nUI\Main\nUI.lua:137>

Strangly enough, I can't get WoW to start via the Launcher, I actually have to go into the Blizz folder and use the WoW .exe . Tried doing repairs several times. At one pont the repair said it COULDN'T be repaired and to re install, I downloaded another copy of WoW on a backup internal drive....same thing is happening...weird !

Getting this error now

1x nUI-5.07.20 (Plus)\Bars\nUI_ButtonBar.lua:284: Usage: SaveBindings(1||2)
nUI-5.07.20 (Plus)\Bars\nUI_ButtonBar.lua:284: in function <nUI\Bars\nUI_ButtonBar.lua:167>

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