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If you install the carbonite infopanel addon for nUI, you will get another panel in the lower right of your screen for the carbonite map. The red button will read "carbonite" when that panel is active. Then you can minimize the carbonite map, drag it to the info panel, and size it to fit. The only caveat is that if the carbonite infopanel is not in front, and you maximize the map (or it's already maximized), then minimize it, the minimized map will lay on top of whichever info panel is in front — in your case the "map" panel, which shows the bg map. The cure to that is to maximize carb's map (M key), switch to the carb infopanel, and then minimize it (M key again, by default).

If you keep that one little idiosyncracy in mind, carb works fine with nUI.

I would also suggest, using nUI, that you not merge the minimap with the carbonite map, or dock it in there, or whatever. Let nUI control the minimap, and put it in the middle of the lower part of the screen. I've been running that way forever, and it works very well.

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