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Druid forms bar not clickable

I've looked all over the forums/bug posts and found an older post from Dec 2010 that sounds like the issue I'm having. I took a break from WoW for a few months and upon coming back, had a new comp. I loved nUI before and looked forward to using it again. After installing it and getting used to the interface again, the only problem I have is no matter what I do the forms bar won't respond. This is a fresh install with no other addons to interfere with nUI's functioning. Any help is greatly appreciated, many thanks.

edit: I tried a few more times to see what I might be doing that it doesn't like, it appears to go unresponsive when and after I max the windowed mode I run in. It functions without issue when I do not max the window after logging into WoW.

edit 2: forgot to add I run in 1920x1080 wide by default

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