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I copy and pastied your below code into the .lua (replacing all the previous code), but other than rendering the button inactive and moving the button to the centre of the screen, it didn't do anything else.

It appears as soon as log on too. I'm hoping to get it to only show when I pull up a merchant frame, but like I say, it shows 100% alpha all the time.

I'm going to try and add all of the frames belonging to the bar to the code and maybe that'll do it. I was hoping that the button and it's frame and shine would be pre attatched to the bar handler by macaroon, but using this addon appeared to 'detatch' the button from the frame.

Wish me luck!!! I need it!!

EDIT: The second I posted this, I realised that I didn't thank you for taking the time to try and solve my problem. Thanks!! I'm sure I'll get there eventually, I normally do!

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