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Hello Dozi,

I have decided not to continue with RDX as the game animations are smoother when I use other addons to do the same job on my PC.
This is because your FPS is too high, the timer engine is called often.

See the first picture in attachement, the line Adaptive function is taking 1.90% CPU all the time. The function is called 60 times per frame (your FPS)

Use this command:
/script VFLT.SetScheduleDilation(10);

by default the dilation is set to 1

After the call of this command, the timer engine will reduce internaly his usage and the line Adaptive function will reduce to 0.44% and your game will be smoother.

Do not use a too high value or you will slow too much the timer and you could see some strange effect on your UI. I will add a check maximum value of 10 in the next version.

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