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Translation to ptBR (4.3)

Update: Since there are people asking for the release, I'm
posting the incomplete AddOn for download. Note that this
is NOT a finished version, it has MANY things to do, but it
will work fine with quest tracking (at least, should work).

I've tested along with 2 more friends of mine, and they found
some minor problems, but like I said, quest tracking should
work without problems.

If you find any problems, please report and BE PATIENT, cause
the AddOn is full of things to translate and require TIME to do

Thanks to Andrey (Prezuntits / Gurubashi), Pietro (Irwen / Skywall)
and Ronaldo (Pilgeanter / Akama), and especially to cry1004 for help
me with the translation structure - if wasn't for him, This translation
would not be ready at all


Translation Progress:

- Carbonite 4.3 ptBR already loading;
- Maps / Locations: Ok (looks like at least);
- Taxi names: 0%;
- NPC's file: 0%;
- Quest file: 0%;
- Strings file: 0%;
- Merge changes with other translations: 0%.

Still need more tests, beta version available on the
end of the topic. It's a HUGE work, need a little patience


Good afternoon to all,

Guys, with the 4.3 version, we now have a new language in World of Warcraft: Brazilian Portuguese.

I've tried to use the Carbonite along with this language (I'm brazilian ), and it doesn't work at all, even with a fan fix that was made regarding the ore tracking on the map (I've missed the link).

So, a friend of mine told me (please correct if we are wrong) that Carbonite binds the names that are on enUS to work properly. Since I'm using ptBR, Carbonite won't work.

My question: if I translate Carbonite, naming the things the way they are on ptBR language, following the instructions of this link, maybe it would work?


Thanks a lot for the help,
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