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Like it was said above, Macaroon is also my favorite addon. The one mod I deem completely neccessary. It's been fun over the years figuring out how to do different things on my own (hardly ever read the forums). I get friends complaining how complicated Macaroon is when I explain it and try to sell me off on some lame alternative, but none come close.

Best feature by far is the fact that you can make unlimited buttons and/or bars. Most other bar mods out there restrict you in this area. The most popular alternative will only allow 12 buttons to a bar.

Another would be cooldown and buff timers. I absolutely love these, and they're lacking in other mods.

Hard to pick any other one thing. It's just Macaroon's complete customization that makes it so great. From bar/button size, to macros, to layout options. Macaroon truly takes bits and ideas from everywhere and puts them together into the ultimate action bar addon.

I admit, I don't use multiple specs or a druid, so I can't comment on the more awkward issues, but the one suggestion I have is an easier vehicle/possession bar setup. I've gotten mine working, but there seems to be plenty who can't figure it out, even after it was made easier. But, I also saw you say you were working on a fix for that in your new projects, so, no worries.

Wherever your ideas take you, don't leave us without some form of your work!
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