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Anyhow, I've used Macaroon when it was called Trinity Bars back around the BC era, which was when I swapped to it because a previous add0on, Flexbar went the way of the dodo and every single other action bar replacement (Bartender, Dominos etc...) did not allow for custom placement down to individual buttons or their configuration sucked. I recall there was one popular bar add-on that used cascading pop-up menus that reached ~4-5 levels deep.

Things I love about Macaroon:
* Unlimited number of macros or very large length. This is the most important feature to me. I could function without it, but this is the defining reason why I use Macaroon and it makes my life 10x easier once I've got things configured as the vast majority of my macros use @mouseover and other smart/context sensitive targeting queues.
* State-Sensitive bars. I use a moderately complex set-up where the multiple action bars morphs depending on possession/vehicle/pets, which keeps the clutter down and lets me configure how things should work and when. Remapping states into another is also fantastic to minimise configuration such as binding all of the druid 'travel' forms into one bar.

Things I wish could be better:
* Flyout macros have the potential to be so much more. The current configuration is rather obtuse with its syntax and limits some potential such as creating a flyout containing macros or perhaps a hybrid of auto-selected plus macros. This could also allow for action-bars that can be 'reconfigured' mid-battle when you have limited action bar spots, such as with hunter pets as I keep most of the important functions on the bar, but I have to change the pet stance/growl auto-cast via the spell book.
* State testing macros. It takes me a very long time to (re)build configurations because I use a lot of context sensitive macros. My druid takes the longest because I use large macros instead of having a specific bar for each form to help keep track of what each button's purpose is (which then helps in remembering the actions as I have the bars hidden). Having to write one macro, then test it by going through all of the conditions to make sure I'll get the skill I want is a little time-consuming. Having an option when editing a macro to 'fake' conditions would be helpful.

Things that I dislike, but can live with:
* Not being able to type in values for some configuration options such as alpha and scale. Having to scroll through the values using arrow buttons isn't ideal, but it's workable.
* The inability to customise the macro/binding/count text on buttons is annoying. The default doesn't always work well with some icons due to low contrast or the lack of outlines.

Things that I really wish could change:
UI layout is getting a little old. The fixed size windows for macros in particular can really harm macro editing when the line wraps in inconvenient points. Resizable windows, or even a huge megalithic window that has all of the configuration options such as the current bar configuration window that also has the button edit and has a 'shutter' mode to see the rest of the screen would be great.
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