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I, too, have been using Macaroon for a really long time. I don't think I could play properly without it at this point.

- Macro buttons - the fact that I can edit any of my buttons quickly is invaluable.
- The fact that I can have as many bars as I want, with how many buttons as I want, where I want them.
- Being able to drop anything, including items, to a button.
- Flyout macros. They're awesome. Please keep them in, in the very least for just spells like we have currently.

- Inconsistencies when it comes to bar states. For example, as I'm leveling a druid and set up my cat form bars everything works well, but when I learn bear form, bear form gets my cat abilities and cat form becomes empty. There are also some quirks with possess/vehicle bars - it shouldn't need that much time to set up.
- I can't get it to look pretty. ButtonFacade/Masque has always been screwed up in Macaroon for some reason.
- The current problems with icons, but I guess you know about that. :P
- The UI could use some work. I could perhaps help you with this if you want, I've done interface design professionally before.

Something I'd like to see:
- Auto-saving profiles. I use profiles for dual specs, and I often forget to save any changes I do before I change spec. Having an option for each profile to automatically auto-save itself would be awesome.
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