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Hi Maul,

Like many other people posting in this thread, I've been using Macaroon/Trinity for several years, and it's by far the most essential of all the addons I use. I'm very grateful for all the time you have spent on this project over the years.

In general, what I love so much about Macaroon is the incredibly deep customization options, and the way it can be tailored to suit almost any character or playstyle. It sounds like the next-gen addon you are planning will be at least as powerful, so I am excited to see how it develops.

To comment further on some things you've written:

The new design will be very flexible with spec changes, allowing for mere button data swaps to whole layouts. You will be able to flag a bar if it is active in one spec or both.
As I said above, the way bars will be done will allow much more flexibility to have them more easily used between characters. More info on that will come later, or you can join the alpha testing group to learn about it now ^_^
The one thing I would really like to see is a more powerful profile management system. I tend to use one main button layout for all of my characters/specs, with slight changes for different characters and situations. It would be awesome to have a system where I could have a tree of nested profiles that manage different levels of settings. For example my mage might use the profiles main.mage.fire, main.mage.frost.pve, and main.mage.frost.pvp, but instead of storing these as completely separate disconnected profiles, they'd be part of a tree and inherit settings from the profiles above them. I'd store the placement/shape of the main bars and vehicle/possession buttons and bindings at the main level, but I'd store class buttons and bindings at the class or spec level.

I guess this might end up being really complicated with a steep learning curve. But it would really help to maintain a consistent UI across characters and specs, while tailoring specific parts of one's UI for specific situations. Anyway, I'm sure the next-gen addon will be great with or without this feature.

I'll also echo what some other people have said about the macro vault. It would be nice to see a drag-and-drop interface to make it easier to create and delete macros, and to copy them to our bars. And I'd definitely be interested in alpha/beta testing once the development reaches that point.

Thanks again for making such a fantastically useful addon!
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