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Hi Maul,

I have been a long time user of your bar addons way back since Trinity, I have posted a few times in your comments and you have helped with a few bug reports that I have submitted.

Just wanted to say first up, once again, that I love Macaroon, best bar addon EVER. I also truly appreciate your limited time that you devote to this and your other great addons.

I am very excited to hear your looking to rebuild again and can't wait to see all the awesome ideas added. So far the list of things to stay and ideas to be added looks good.

Here is my input thus far...

However I have never been a fan of the separate addons. Even moving some advanced features of the flyout buttons to the "Extras" addon was frustrating. I would prefer to see all the addons together in the one package, so I download it once and I have it all.

Even though I myself have never used things like the bag and micro menu button addons and it has been great to not have them as I don't require them. I think it would still be beneficial to have them in the one place for people that may require them.

I also understand the desire to keep things separate in order to keep things clean from a coding standpoint. However from a users standpoint I would suggest you find a way to keep it all together. One thing I have seen other addons do and I don't know if this would even work or be possible with what you have in mind, but is to use "modules".

So the whole addon is downloaded together and each separate section of code is present ready to bolt on to the core and the user can simply disable or enable modules they do and don't require.

Modules!! For the next bar addon. What do you think?

Thanks again Maul for all your hard work.
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