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debuff tooltip

I have been using Nui for a couple months now, and Nui+ for a month or so. One big concern i have and havent been able to figure out how to change it, is with the debuffs. The debuffs show fine in the center of that screen and they are great. However, I cannot view the tooltips for these debuffs. This makes it hard for me sometimes figuring out life or death type debuffs, or just trying to figure out which debuff it is. The only solution to this is that the debuffs show on the raid frames near the top left of the screen, but these are small and annoying to look at having to take my eyes away from the middle of the screen. I was wondering if there is a solution to this I don't know about, and if not, if Mr. Piel has thought of working on it.
A solution could be an option to turn on mouseover for those icons, or putting the debuffs next to your buffs, off to the side just above the main hud thing. The second option would even be similar to the default blizzard method where the debuffs are just showed beneath the buffs.

Thanks for any help.