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Cool Hermes [Raid Cooldown Timer]

Dear Readers and World of Warcraft Addon Genius's

Could someone lend me a hand in bringing this project back to life. It was simply a flawless addon that gave us raid leaders an invaluable resource. We're currently struggling to find a replacement that can match Hermes, ORA3 just isn't cutting it.

Most recent error I can register from Hermes is

Message: ..\AddOns\Hermes\Hermes.lua line 2269:
Unexpected sender status during UpdateSenderStatus

(tail call): ?

[C]: error()
Hermes\Hermes.lua:2269: UpdateSenderStatus()

Hermes\Hermes.lua:2215: AddSender()

Hermes\Hermes.lua:5601: TalentUpdate()



Hermes\Talents.lua:362: ?()



[string "safecall Dispatcher[5]"]:4:

[string "safecall Dispatcher[5]"]:4

[C]: ?

[string "safecall Dispatcher[5]"]:13: ?()

...Ons\Ace3\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92: Fire()



(tail call): ?

I'm definitely not skilled in reading this but will provide as much support and help as I can to get this project up and running again.
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