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Need help with Dashboard Skins, Part Deux

I've discovered some additional woes with nUI+ 5.07.24 replacement skins that turn off the top bar background graphic and move the micro-mini menu bar elsewhere on the screen. If I haven't mentioned it before this problem began immediately after patch 4.3.

The main problem is with the /nui console command. Namely that, yes, "/nui console off" does turn off the top bar background graphic, which is what I want to happen. Unfortunately it also turns off the micro-mini menu bar, which is what I do NOT want to happen.

In addition, there seems to be an interaction between nUI and other addons that is also having an effect. Definitely, for sure, there's an interaction of some sort between nUI and Carbonite. It also looks like there's interaction with some other addons but, with 60 of them installed, other than Carbonite I haven't yet been able to identify which one(s). What I accidentally found though is that by going back to some backups of the /WTF directory that I could get the replacement skin to display correctly. I only noticed this when I uninstalled an addon through the Curse client and used it's tool to remove left-over addon config LUA files from the /WTF directory, which immediately resulted in the nUI replacement skin not working correctly. Seeing this I didn't re-install that addon, but just put its LUA files back into the /WTF directory and, voila, the nUI replacement skin again worked like it should. Very weird!!! Unfortunately, so far anyway, there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind this that I can find. One day things work right, the next day they don't. Some days, all 3 of my toons have the same problem of the replacement skin not working right, other days it's just one of my toons with the problem. Unfortunately, what's making it very tough to figure out which addons might be contributing to the problem is that it's intermittent as hell. Again, very weird!!!

The way things are now, if I use the "/nui console off" command then the top bar background graphic never displays, no matter what I do with other addons or whatever changes occur in the /WTF directory. Unfortunately that solution is _far_ from ideal as it also leaves the micro-mini bar turned off, something which I use a lot. So if I want to use the micro-mini bar I never know from one day to the next if I'm gong to end up looking at that annoying empty top bar background graphic!!

One suggestion is that you might want to consider adding a 'bg' switch to the "/nui console on/off/mouseover" command that allows you to turn on/off _just_ the top bar background graphic while leaving the micro-mini bar turned on. It's probably the easiest fix, and one that would probably (well, hopefully anyway) remove any need for a bunch of PITA troubleshooting.

Again, all of this weirdness started happening after patch 4.3. Blizz, for sure, did something in the patch, probably undocumented, that's screwing things up for me.

What ever the case, I definitely could use some help!!!
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