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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
The '/nui console mouseover' solution might be a decent middle ground until it's fixed?
Sigh... It figures.... Yeah, the mouseover solution works, sort of anyway, saying I had the reflexes of Superman... I'm 66, so that ain't happening!!!

I have the micro-mini bar located on top of the lower console on the middle right side. With the mouseover solution active I have to move the mouse up to the screen top to activate it, which turns the micro-mini bar on. But, the mouseover switch solution is predicated on the micro-mini bar also being located at the same location as the top console background graphic, if it isn't it turns itself off before I can get the mouse down to its changed location and make a menu selection. Not very useful in other words.

All of which is understandable as when you wrote it I rather doubt you'd envisioned mod authors of background skins changing the default operation of the top console.

Oh well... I'd say this pretty much falls under the category of "Suck it up Paul, quit whining, and live with it until you get a chance to fix it"...
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