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Like everyone else here, I want to thank you for the great addon. I absolutely adore Macaroon!

1. Ability to export/import layouts (settings, macros, etc) and be able to select the level of detail to import and export -- similar to being able to select what is saved for a profile. I would like to see this feature so that when I'm trying to get friends to try out your addon or I have an issue with setting something up I can either export an example or import an example someone has sent to me. This could also be used to assist with any possible issues -- whether they be user or coding. For references to user specific items you could simply comment that line.

2. Some way of finding where to set the option/setting. Right now I know there's a way to set the priority on a key binding, but for the life of me, I can't find WHERE to do so. I love the fact that it is so configurable, but without having a searchable help with screenshots (I'm not saying this is the answer) it is hard to find where and how to set certain options.

3. When a new bar is added, it is sometimes difficult to find it because it has no buttons. Perhaps someway of highlighting "empty" bars?

4. I like the idea of the scale-able UI options windows. I use a font addon because I have an issue with my vision at times, because I use that a number of the values for the options show up as "...". I also agree that all options that have a number of values that use arrows to set the values should also have a way of typing the value in as well.

5. I agree with the poster that suggested having Modules verses the mini-addons if it is not going to cause you a lot of heartache.

6. Back to the documentation, and this is for the more experienced user helpers: it would be very helpful if we could create a <insert new name here> Wiki complete with screenshots, setup, and how-to examples. Trying to search the WoWInterface forum for solutions to issues you may have when configuring really sucks and I think it puts off some potential users.

Once again, THANK YOU, Maul and your devoted fans and users, for your continued efforts!
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