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Great news!

Maul, I'm so pleased there is going to be <Mystery Name> 1.0! As a longtime Macaroon user I couldn't be happier that there is going to be some continuance.

I hope my input is useful, much of it is what I would have considered fixes to Macaroon, but there is some new stuff as well I hope.

1) Paging modifiers has some problems. For instance, button highlights and countdowns take nearly a second to update after the bar appears or disappears.

2) Stance + modifier based bar shifts suffer from a problem. Firstly, I had to set it up completely with custom bar states as it was impossible to have bear, cat, bear+shift, cat+shift. Say shift-bear has a button which changes into cat form, I'd expect the change to occur and to be presented with the shift-cat bar until I released shift. This is not the case. Instead it's the non-shift cat bar.

3) Vehicle bar has a problem where it suddenly disappears. I suspect that it has something to do with a vehicle bar that supports modifier paging so maybe when typing in guild chat or something the modifier is pressed, something like that. I haven't reliably been able to prove this though.

I tried to get around this problem by creating a totally separate bar which only appears when in a vehicle. This works perfectly, but it's impossible to set keybinds for it as it will override the binds for the main bar.

4) Flyout buttons are awesome! Definitely I'm on board with the idea of ensuring that the inventory scanning is not too exhaustive. One idea (althoug not a solution to the problem exactly) is to be able to create manually (drop on some water and fortune cookies for example) a bar with say 10 buttons, which then functions as a flyout. In this case it's not the auto-magic of the flyout that's desired, but simply a space saving action bar for things that don't require quick access.

5) I've had a weird problem with the bag bar. Whenever I reload UI, even if it's set to hidden, it's always visible. If I go into bar-edit mode and out again, it behaves and vanishes.

6) Cross-character configuration is often a bit annoying. My technique is that I maintain a "universal" layout which has buttons shared between all configs (mostly flyouts for professions, mounts, water, etc). The main action bars are left blank to be populated on each character. Of course, if I update the universal layout, this isn't propagated until I either completely redo all a characters buttons onto this blank template, or I manually update the char with the change. What would be ideal is to create bars in a global profile and then each character can use some of those.


Paladin Main Bar 1
Warrior Main Bar 1
Professions and Mounts Flyout

So on the paladin I use the paladin bar and the professions one, the warrior and professinos bars on the warrior, etc.

More complicated, but I guess also possible would be to be able to configure it on one additional level. If I could configure "Main Bar 1" size, position, keybinds, whether macro text is displayed etc, then the buttons on it are unique to the character. Hope that made sense!

At the very least, I'd like to go to something similar to the button store and see all the bars that exist on all characters and grab some buttons or even whole bars.

7) Various niceties I think could increase user-base for macaroon hugely. E.g. automatic replication of current action + pet + vehicle + bags + menu. Starting with nothing is very daunting for a new user. If a new user could press a button and have macaroon generate (upto) 10 action bars. The buttons would appear as the autocreated macros the same as if they'd been dragged on. Also, if a user currently had a macro assigned to a button, it could be copied (value, not reference) into macaroon. Maybe even the keybinds could be assigned automatically based on the current binds.

Basically this would allow a new user to install macaroon (sorry, <mystery addon>) and be able to run an instance 2 minutes after installing it. I think a lot of people are scared of macaroon as they are simply never able to understand how it works.

Note: I think it's totally infeasible for this to be a live mapping to the real action bars. I was thinking about this being a one-shot, one-way import.

8) Mlaarrghghgh, I switched to my alternate spec (with profile loading tuned on) and I'd forgotten to save my changes. Please make profiles "live" so that changes are reflect in the currently "loaded" profile. Or just save on profile-change. Also in that case, it wouldn't be a bad idea to remember at least 1 previous revision (just in case)

9) Custom button highlights. Maybe this isn't quite macaroon's job, but I'm unsure who's job it is. It would certainly be a bolt-on feature. At the moment, if I get a proc that blizzard recognise as such then the button highlights, e.g. Grand Crusader proc for Avenger's Shield or Overpower availability. It would be nice to set up some custom ones though. E.g. Highlight heroic strike when I'm over 90 rage or highlight Shield of the Righteous when I have 3 holy power. I know this is a separate problem really, don't worry about it! I can live with power auras which is actually still quite limiting (I want to have compound conditionals).

10) All the "hints" in macaroon just say "click to edit" or something similar. Even having used macaroon for years I'm still unsure what some of the settings do, it'd be really nice to have actual hints when mouseing over settings.

11) Blizzards flyouts (well, the totem bar ones at any rate) look really nice and not jerky like the macaroon ones. That would be nice! The macaroon ones often get stuck open.

12) Mapping of all possible totem bars.

I was just scanning the thread and found that you've actually already talked about a lot of this.

All that remains is for you to send me some code as I'm dying to get started alpha testing. I have some limited experience with lua, mainly fixing the odd broken addon for my own personal use, but am an experienced software engineer so should be able to give you some decent bug reports at the least. Also, I think my requirements for Macaroon are right on the edge of it's capabilities if not beyond so I can assure you the new addon will get the same thrashing during testing!

I think you should actually just call it "Mystery Bars"!

Great work Maul!

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