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Dwarf because I love beer. LOVE BEER. I think they're one of the most jovial races and I love their lore now (although it had very little to do with choosing them initially).

I love Thor. Dwarves made Mjolnir so as soon as it was possible to race change my Orc Shammy to Dwarf I did it and never looked back. (Orc lore was why I chose to make my shammy Orc. And I couldn't stand Draenei at the time)

Enhancement Shaman, drunkenly calling down lighting to encircle him and zapping bitches while he smashes in their faces with Hammers/Mugs. I couldn't be more in love.

I like playing necromancers as well, but the closest thing WoW has to a necromancer is the DK and it's too face smashy and not enough "lock"-ey manipulatey, pet zombie eat-y your face...y.
[The class I play] is imbalanced and broken, [The class that counters my class] should be nerfed because it's too OP, but [The class I counter] is fine and just needs to L2P.
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