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I love Macaroon, it's the first extension I install on any character, so please don't think my suggestions are criticisms!

Changes I would like to see are :

1. The Pet Bar

I can't remember the numbers off the top of my head, but my 85 BM Hunter has something like 16 pet abilities, yet Blizzard provide only 10 Pet:ID buttons.

I use Macro's instead, so eg :

#show Growl
/cast [btn:1] Growl
/petautocasttoggle [btn:2] Growl

These buttons work as expected except there is no feedback on the button itself to tell me whether Growl is currently toggled on or off (whereas in the Blizzard spell book the icons have a swirling pattern around them), so I wonder if anything can be implemented to detect if the ability is toggled on or off and display this as a swirling pattern or highlight on the button itself.

2. Timers on buttons

Again using my hunter as an example, "Mend Pet" is an instant cast spell which places a healing buff with a duration of 10 seconds on my pet.

So Macaroon gives the button no timer unless I have my pet targetted.

Initially I though a nice idea would be a slight extension to your #aurawatch command, so that a macro could say :

#aurawatch [@pet] Mend Pet
/cast Mend Pet

But maybe for even greater flexibility, you could implement a command which simply starts a timer or highlight on a button no matter what the rest of the macro contains, eg :

#auratimer 10
#buttonhighlight green
/cast Mend Pet

Of course a slight change to this would fix my pet bar too =p

#buttonhighlighttoggle green/red
/cast [btn:1] Growl
/petautocasttoggle [btn:2] Growl

My final request .. keep the name Macaroon <3. WoW would not be WoW without Macaroon!
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