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I have been having a similar problem. One day everything works fine (by fine I mean the BG I am in shows THAT BG in my mini map) and then the next it has disappeared from "some" of the BG's. In other words the BG instance map isn't shown...only the world map image with a small thumb nail in the upper right hand corner of the bg (too small and zoomed in to be worth anything). But others are fine;weird. Of course this leaves one blind in some BG's. I have not seen a setting or feature which "easily" restores this.

Carbonite is a fantastic addon (actually can't play without it), but I think its biggest shortcoming is the terminology used descriptively in its options. I would love to see a concise mouse over help for each selectable feature of the addon.

I lieu of that...at least making a option on the minimap box to restore BG instances would be very nice.