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I use extensive Macro branching to minimize the amount of work required to change something that is used by more than one button. MacaroonButton503 ,for example, is in all of my combat macros and works perfectly, printing "Combat gear equipped successfully" only if that is actually the case. If I were to get an upgrade for my Bloodthirsty Pyrium Helm, (which is likely lol) it would be a nightmare changing all my buttons! With Macro branching I just need to change 1.


/stopmacro [noequipped:Fishing Poles]
/run SetTracking(1,false)
/run SetTracking(2,true)
/run SetTracking(3,true)
/equip Obsidium Cleaver
/equip Elementium Earthguard
/equip Bloodthirsty Pyrium Helm
/in 2 /stopmacro [Equipped:Fishing Poles] 
/run print("Combat gear equipped successfully")

Anyhoo, I've had a little inspiration from Phanx's suggestion and I've ended up with...

/cleartarget [@target, dead] [@target, noharm] [@target, help]
/stopmacro [combat] [@target, harm] [@target, dead]
/target Auctioneer
/stopmacro [noexists]
/click AuctionsCancelAuctionButton
/click StaticPopup1Button1
/run print("Attempted to cancel auction")
With the /cleartarget command and the /stopmacro [noexists] command after /target auctioneer, a friendly target will only stick if it has "auctioneer" in it's name which is perfect!

Cheers mate.
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