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Throne of Tides report...

Mr. Piel,

In response to your viewport bug request, I do happen to have a specific place for you; The Throne of Tides. I ran the instance last night with some friends and noticed very odd video anomalies, the most glaring of which was on my Frostscythe of Lord Ahune; the icy effect on the blade appeared to be floating down near my calves rather than along the blade where it should have been. A guildmate of mine had a similar glitch. I don't know what weapon he was using, but it was a 1H axe with a fiery effect and it was doing the same thing; floating down near his feet as I looked at him, rather than being on the weapon. In both cases, no matter where we were, how we were moving, or how many screen reloads happened through the course of the instance, the anomaly didn't go away until after we left the dungeon completely.

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