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What do you like in a WoW video?

I like watching videos on YouTube about addons I'm thinking about trying. So many of them are outdated or done in ways I don't appreciate much and I decided to try my hand at it.

What kinds of things do you like and not like about these kinds of videos? It doesn't have to be about addon videos - any kind of WoW-oriented instructional videos.

***I am not talking about the PvP gameplay type videos - just guide/instructional type videos***

Do you like them longer (10 or more minutes) or shorter (5 minutes or less)

For a "big" addon or something complex - would you rather one long video that covers everything, or several smaller ones broken down into sections.

Do you want to see some personality, humor, or that sort of thing - or is it better just cut and dried, facts only?

For any addon authors, what kinds of general information about your addon do you want people to know?

Any thoughts and opinions on what makes a quality WoW guide-type video are welcome.
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