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I don't watch WoW videos very often, but I've noticed that most of them are basically unwatchable due to their low resolution and general poor video quality. It doesn't need to be full 1920x1080 resolution with pixel-perfect quality, but it shouldn't have massive artifacting all over the place, and things on the screen (such as ability icons) should be generally identifiable.

If your video is about a specific part of the interface (either the default UI or an addon) it would probably be helpful to start out with a full-screen view for context, and then zoom/crop to show only the relevant area for the rest of the video, maybe briefly switching back to full-screen for context periodically if you think it's needed. This way you would not need such a massive video file to keep text and such clear.

If you're doing a voiceover, explain what's going on. I know you said you're not doing PvP videos, but those are a good example of something I think are often poorly done. If you're a hardcore PvPer, then you can just watch some footage of PvP combat and know exactly what's going on. If you're a casual PvPer, or don't PvP at all, you generally have no idea what's going on.

A simple voiceover in these videos explaining why the player did what he did (eg. explaining the PvP strategy) or clarifying what action was taken if it's not clear from the video (due to poor resolution, a specialized macro that doesn't show much in the UI, etc) would go a long way toward helping non-PvP-pros appreciate the skill and strategy of the player and his team.
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