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Edit: Since the thread got made, time to post some useful info.

Taken from Cairenn's Press Tour thread.

UI Changes
  • Addition of scenarios windows
  • Addition of challenges windows
  • Addition of per-player loot windows
  • Addition of bonus loot roll windows
  • Addition of black market windows
    • Auctions by NPCs of rare items for players to bid on.
  • Addition of pet battles windows
  • Updated talents windows
  • Updated specializations windows
  • Updated class mechanics windows
  • Updated consolidated buffs display
    • The basic display of buffs and debuffs will not change, but the consolidated buffs window is completely different. It will only show in groups (party/raid) and will just show the 8 group buff types you should have
  • Updated loot roll box
  • Updated character create windows
  • Updated auction house windows

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