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Warlock pet macro - Felguard pursuit / attack

Hi all,

I'm trying to get back into WoW after about 6 months off - when I was in a random dungeon tonight, one of my pet macros didn't function like it used to. Hoping you can help. Here it is:

/cast [pet:succubus]Lash of Pain; [pet:voidwalker,combat]Sacrifice;[pet:felhunter]Spell Lock;[pet:Imp, target=player]Flee;[pet:felguard]Pursuit

The issue I noticed is with Felguard out. I used to hit the macro hotkey and even if Pursuit was on cooldown, it would cause him to attack the target. Tonight, I noticed that if Pursuit was on cooldown, he wouldn't move when I hit this macro. Any idea what I need to tweak to get my felguard to attack even if pursuit is on cooldown when this macro is pressed?

Thanks very much.

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