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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Basically, if you use any custom unit frame addon or any addon which uses dropdown menus, there's a 99.99% chance you will simply never be able to set your focus from a unit frame right-click dropdown menu.

Your options are as follows:

1. Bind a key to the "Focus Target" function in the Blizzard Key Bindings UI. Then, target the unit you want to set as your focus, and press that key.

2. Make a macro that just says "/focus" and drop it on an action button, and then click on the action button or press the key bound to the action button.

3. Type "/focus" by hand every time you want to change your focus target. You generally do not need to use the "/clearfocus" command, as using "/focus" when you do not have a target will clear your focus unit.

4. Write a macro that automatically focuses the unit you cast Hex on. For example, the following macro will first set your focus unit to your current target if you (a) do not already have a hostile focus unit or (b) are pressing the shift key, and then cast Hex on your focus unit.

/focus [@focus, noharm] [mod:shift]
/cast [@focus] Hex
Hey can you not use secure actions to focus the target, or is it the Custom Unit Frames that cause the issue?
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