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Here's a list for you and the SOURCE. I did not double check all the data, just giving fair warning.

Here's a current {read- rough, incomplete, subject to change} "at-a-glance" list of where Blizz is heading with de/buff placement among the classes in Cata, based on what GC posted this morning and what is reflected in the current beta build. I tried to get all the proper spells in with Cata.wowhead links so you can compare side-by-side with other classes that also provide said de/buff.


Agility and Strength - DK {Horn of Winter}, Shaman {Strength of Earth Totem}, Warrior {Battle Shout}
Armor -- Shaman {Stoneskin Totem}, Paladin {Devotion Aura}
10% AP -- MM Hunter {Trueshot Aura}, Enh Shaman {Unleashed Rage}, Blood DK {Abomination's Might}, Paladin {Blessing of Might}
Burst Haste -- Shaman {Bloodlust/Heroism}, Mage {Time Warp}
3% Damage -- BM Hunter {Ferocious Inspiration}, Arcane Mage {Arcane Tactics}, Ret Paladin {Swift Retribution}
Health -- Warlock (prob Destro) {NYI}, Warrior {Commanding Shout}, Priest {Power Word: Fortitude}
Mana Pool -- Mage {Arcane Intellect}, Warlock (prob Affliction) {NYI}
Mana Regen -- Paladin {Blessing of Might}, Shaman {Mana Spring Totem}, Warlock (prob Affliction) {NYI}
Replenishment -- Shadow Priest {Vampiric Touch}, Frost Mage {Enduring Winter}, Survival Hunter {Hunting Party}, Destro Warlock {Soul Leech}, Ret Paladin {Communion}
5% Crit -- Fury Warrior {Rampage}, Feral Druid {Leader of the Pack}, Sub Rogue {Honor Among Thieves}, Ele Shaman {Elemental Oath}
20% Melee Attack Speed -- Shaman {Windfury Totem}, Frost DK {Improved Icy Talons}, Ret Paladin {Swift Retribution}, Surv Hunter {NYI}
5% Spell Haste -- Shaman {Wrath of Air Totem}, Balance Druid {Moonkin Form}, Shadow Priest {NYI}, Destro Warlock {Dark Intent?}
6% Spell Power -- Mage {NYI?}, Shaman {Flametongue Totem}
10% Spell Power -- Ele Shaman {Totemic Wrath}, Demo Warlock {Demonic Pact}, Fire Mage {NYI?}
5% Stats -- Paladin {Blessing of Kings}, Druid {Mark of the Wild}


12% Armor Debuff -- Warrior {Sunder Armor (Devastate)}, Rogue {Expose Armor}, Druid {Faerie Fire}, Hunter {Scorpid Venom}
10% Physical Damage Debuff -- Warrior {Demoralizing Shout}, Druid (probably bear) {NYI}, Prot paladin {Vindication}, Warlock {Curse of Weakness}, Blood DK {Scarlet Fever}
30% Bleed Damage Debuff -- Arms Warrior {Blood Frenzy}, Feral Druid {Mangle}, Sub Rogue {Hemorrhage}
30% Cast Speed Slow -- Warlock {Curse of Tongues}, Rogue {Mind-Numbing poison}, Arcane Mage {Slow}
5% Spell Crit Chance Taken -- Fire Mage {Improved Scorch}, Warlock (probably Demo) {NYI}, possibly Frost Mage {NYI}
25% Healing Taken -- Arms Warrior {Mortal Strike}, Fury Warrior {Furious Attacks 20%}, Hunter {Widow Venom}, Rogue {Wound Poison}, Frost Mage {Permafrost}, Shadow Priest {Improved Mind Blast}
10% {typo or inc nerfs?} Melee Attack Speed Debuff -- Warrior {Thunder Clap}, DK {Icy Touch}, Feral Druid {Infected Wounds}, Prot Paladin {Judgements of the Just }
4% Physical Vulnerability -- Arms Warrior {Blood Frenzy}, Combat Rogue {Savage Combat}, Frost DK {Brittle Bones}
8% Spell Damage Taken -- Warlock {Curse of the Elements}, Unholy DK {Ebon Plaguebringer}, Balance Druid {Earth and Moon}, Assassination Rogue {Master Poisoner}
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