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Originally Posted by lerb View Post
You might be right here Phanx, but on the other hand, he/she might be surprised and happy someone got in touch. I mean, asking a question isn't harassing as long as you leave the conversation if he/she says no. If you're really lucky he might help out in one way or another, but if he doesn't you're on your own.
That's true, but when you post someone's personal or contact information on a public forum, you have no idea how many people are going to use that information, or in what ways. It might only be one guy dropping to say "hey man, I used to use your UI and it was awesome, thanks for the good times" or it might be hundreds of people flooding his whispers and mailbox with "omg plz giev ur ui y u take it down wtf fk u omg need give nao" until he can't even play.

Giving out someone's server and character name isn't a whole lot different than giving out someone's phone number or home address. Either way, you can't control what other people do with it, and if someone decides to use it for harrassment (whether intentional and malicious, or just thoughtless) it's pretty ****ty for the person on the recieving end, and can force them to stop doing things they normally do (whether it's log into WoW and play their character, or answer the phone) for fear of getting harrassed.

TL;DR - If it's not your personal/contact information, don't post it.
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