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That second shot looks like a path (bottom to top): /Macintosh HD/Users/Justin/Applications/World of Warcraft (Win)/Interface/Addons/nui/Layouts/Default/Unit Panels/

Which version of MacOS are you running? Older versions used this structure, but in the newest versions, certainly in Lion (OSX version 7) and Snow Leopard (OSX version 6), all applications should be installed in /Macintosh HD/Applications/ That shouldn't make any difference to WoW, though. If it runs at all, the path to nui looks okay. Is there a nui/nui.toc file and an nui/nui.lua file in the nui folder?

I don't understand the (Win) in the Wow folder name. Is this a Windows version of the client? Is there a Mac version in /Macintosh HD/Applications?