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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
On the character Loading screen, disable all addons except for nUI. Get in game and see if nUI works at that point. If it does then one of your other addons is interfering with what nUI is doing. Without knowing what other addons you have I can't tell you which ones are causing the problem or likely to be causing it.

Once you have confirmed that nUI is now loading properly go back to the character loading screen and enable ( a few at a time ) your other addons. Get back in game and see if nUI is still looking okay. If it doesn't work now then one of the addons you just enabled is affecting nUI in some way. Go back and disable them one at a time and retest.

Keep doing this until you have all the addons you wanted enabled running okay in game without nUI going crazy. The ones you have left listed as disabled are most likely not compatible with nUI. List them here and hopefully we can see why that would be.

Hopefully this helps you in some way.
I delete all my plug-in, still not work....