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It's funny how almost everything you noted Phanx, are things I'm not satisfied with. Apart of the UI looking quite cluttered (I still blame my resolution, I like the visual theme), you hit all of them.

1. The truth behind the buffs is simply that I don't know how to. I think I could do it by spying on someone else's code though. It's a very good point. I rarely have a look at my buffs in combat, but I know that's because I never know where buff X or Y is located. Except for temporary weapon enchants. I'll look into it.

2. I feel what you're saying about the powerbars, I do. But the unitframes, as they are now, is in a place where I really feel comfortable with them. Only thing I've been thinking of is decreasing the height of the powerbar (and thus the portrait), because it really doesn't need to be as big as it is at the moment. However, having them separate is a thing I like a lot. I think it feels a lot more blocky having all of them tied together.

3. I'm struggling with the reputation bar, I just can't find a good place for it. I'd hate having the top panel being half green so I won't turn that into a reputation bar, but yeah. I'm having a hard time with that one. I might have to compromise. I like having it out of the way (opaque) though when I don't need to see it.

4. BigWigs, yes.. They are the main reason I feel the UI is cluttered when raiding. That, and maybe the raidframes, I think I will shrink those a bit. But placing the bars at the raid sounds like a good idea, I wil give that a try.

Thanks for the input and ideas Phanx
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