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Wanting to build a UI but not sure quite how...

Hey there WoW Interface as you can see I am new here (I recently made the account) I have known about your guy's site for quite some time now and have been drooling over a lot of the UI's that have been made.
I am curious as to how you can make a UI I have read articles saying you use LUA or even XML but how do you do all that? I am quite good at making UI's with addons (mine right now is just PitBull4 and Bartender with Masque and Power Auras with a few leisure addons like TipTac and Recount.) so is there like a beginners guide or a way to make one with some simple stuff.
Can yo help
(also I will be making wow videos in the future for my YouTube channel I do plan on one being how to code/ make a UI in WoW so all this help will be greatly appreciated I will make a post to my channel when I start posting hope I get some support thnx.)
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