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Microdungeons and mapping problems

So, we got shiny new cave maps, dubbed "micro dungeons". (For the unaware: all larger caves now have maps of their own, some are even multi-floor to make navigation easier.)
And we have a ton of new problems now.

Before, we could just
local map_id,floor = GetCurrentMapAreaID(), GetCurrentMapDungeonLevel()
local x,y = GetPlayerMapPosition(unit)
... and hopefully (if the player's not browsing their maps) we would get a perfectly universal quad of world coordinates.

Now, in caves, map_id won't change (!), but floor, x and y will. The only way to check this seems to be
local texture,w,h,isCave,caveName = GetMapInfo()
- but, of course, this doesn't help much to alleviate the havoc in Astrolabe and similar coordinate-calculating addons.

So, question: are there any functions now that return the shift-and-size values allowing one to translate in-cave coords to zone coords, or are we doomed to scouting them out manually?

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