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Originally Posted by zork View Post
Will not work either. On bars with only one form the StanceButton1 will always reset. Thus you have to actually reparent the StanceBarFrame.

My full solution is here:

I have a new frame that the stancebar is reparented to. On unlocking a dragFrame will show up on a pretty high framelevel thus overlaying all the other frames. The drag event is delegated to the frame in the bottom thus the bottom frame will move.
Well that's pretty much what I'm doing. As I've also said, this is only a problem when GetNumShapeshiftForms() == 1. Therefore I made StanceBarFrame movable as well, and when the user drags the StanceButton1 to whatever position they prefer, I update the StanceBarFrame position as well via HookScript('OnDragStop', ...) on StanceButton1 and off-setting with y and x values available in StanceBar_Update() (12 and 3 respectively).

Since Blizzard doesn't re-anchor StanceBarFrame like they do StanceButton1, when they run StanceBar_Update() it will just anchor StanceButton1 to whatever user position StanceBarFrame has.

Plus I can't have an overlay show up every time the user presses alt+shift (I'm not using slash commands).

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