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Bar paging for druids(stancing issue)

First of all, I love your UI it has greatly increased my ability to see information when i need it in all kinds of situations. Now on to present matters.

When setting up my bars for boomkin i noticed that the bar paged for boomkin is the same one that is right below the map/recount/battle log panel. Now i am not sure why another page would be summoned for swapping stances or if this is indeed a bug(bartender would be reference this bar as Bar 10 for boomkin stance). All of the other bars for the other stances that are not combat related do not page(I.E. travel form, aquatic form, and swift flight form), but the other combat forms(Cat and Bear) do page other bars, but theirs are not related to the bars for the UI(bartender references them as bar 9[bear] and bar 7[cat]). I am guessing bars 5 and 6 are the ones beneath bar 1(these are all bartender references as I am not too familiar with your UI yet) and bar 8 appears to be unused.

Now another thing I noticed is when using the bar scoll next to bar 1, it scolls through 6 bars(the main bar, the two beneath it, the one under the chat panel and the two next to the avatar panels). The seventh under the map/recount/battle log panel is not in the rotation, and I am not sure if it is because of blizzards programming the only enables you to access only 6 bars through scrolling or if there are other restrictions(not saying its a bad thing because I normally do not scoll, just noticed it when I was looking for a solution to my stance issue). I am really sorry if you don't understand what I am trying to get at in advance. If you want, I can post some pictures of some screen shots with some good ol MS paint to "show" you what I am talking about.

P.S. this seems to be only happening on my druid, no other classes i play that have stances have this problem.