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Ok, I see now from looking at that list.

It's too bad that addons aren't able to 'end a macro' as that would work just about as well. I guess I can understand a lot of the restrictions, but that one would be helpful I think.

Hmm...Addons can create or 're-write' macros though, right? I think that I've seen a couple do that. But, will it work in combat? (I don't see that as a restriction on the page, but maybe someone knows.) In other words, could an addon actually change macro text/commands on the fly based upon what is going on in combat?

Just trying to think outside the box. I'm new, so I apologize if this is an old argument/thought process.

Anyway, perhaps someone with connections to blizzard could request something similar to [channeling] for 'casting' abilities to use in macros. I think it would be helpful in a lot of instances.
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