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Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
Some spontaneous ideas, should anyone put together a formal proposal to Blizzard; NAMEPLATE_SHOW(index), GetNumNameplates(), GetNameplate(index). Possibly additional events for _CREATE and _UPDATED, and/or an argument indicating a new frame was created.
yeah, show/hide events, at least, would be great. given something like that for initial discovery, one could maintain a small cache of frame references, and just iterate it. separate events for the whole lifecycle (create/show/hide/update/destroy/whatever) would be OK, too, assuming there was any value in delivery timing (and assuming "destroy" actually ever meant something).

one of the most requested features in my experience is the ability to control the in-game "range" at which nameplates become visible (currently "hardcoded" at 40 yards, in game terms; used to be much shorter, several major revisions ago). i requested this in the Blizzard forums, long ago and far away, but never heard a peep in response. some folks want to shorten this range, so they update fewer frames.

its funny, too... i never experienced this crash with :GetChildren(). i was not among the first round(s) of Beta access granted, however. seems to have been fixed by the time i received my Blizzard email.
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