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Originally Posted by Jeslis View Post
Still looking for help with the above post

Side note; should I remake this as a new/seperate thread with a better topic header?
On top of druid.lua you'll find a bunch of GetSpellInfo(number) lines.
Visit and fill in number so it's (for the Claw example this would be

Any time Wowhead tells you 'spell doesn't exist' it means that spell has been removed from the game in MoP.

Ok, now go into the Watcher:addClassSpells() function and comment out or delete the line that reads
Watcher:Claw() (put 2 dashes in-front making it -- Watcher:Claw())

Repeat the same for any spells on the list that are no longer available in MoP.

You can also delete or comment out the entire Watcher:Claw() function but doesn't matter it won't get called anymore.
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