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The site's by Ten Ton Hammer - you would think they've been around long enough to know better. It looks like they scraped the downloads from Curse, since SM-Blizzard is the only addon of mine that they've got. And they don't list author names at all unless they happened to pick up a commit log from Curse as well. argh

Saiket: I didn't get any such email, but I don't have my email address out there for my addons. In which case, I didn't reply to "opt-in" either.

Qupe: It really looks to be Ten Ton Hammer. The "About Us" and "Legal" links go to that site and the copyright is the same company that owns Ten Ton Hammer.

I contacted them using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page with this message:
Many of the addons that you have scraped from other download sites (or was it just Curse?) are All Rights Reserved. ARR is not a license. ARR does not give you any permissions to redistribute the addons. By copyright law, you are required to remove all ARR addons from your site, as well as any other addons under licenses which limit redistribution, unless you receive explicit permission from the authors to host them. This includes my SharedMedia-Blizzard and also SharedMedia (which I am co-author).

Permission is something that must be granted on the front-end.

If you do not comply, expect Cease and Desist letters from myself and many other authors. If you were unaware of what ARR meant, I suggest that you discuss licenses (and ARR) with your company's lawyers before beginning such an ambitious project in the future.
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