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Well I tried changing various values to get the top menu to move to the right to match the panel with no success.

I decided to quit playing with that and switched to an alt and behold - it was moved.

So I copied the nui file over to the toon I had originally been working with and it also moved to match the nUI top panel in the center of the right screen.

I compared the files and noticed a couple of things, one the entries nUI_Options section are in a different order across all of my toons. I also found a couple of fields in the older file (menu not moved) that did not exist in the newer file. One jumped out - ["viewportDisabled"] = false,. However I experimented by deleting it from the older file and that did not make a difference in that the top menu remained between the two monitors. I'm going to refrain from using the /nui viewport command as that only seems to toggle disabled. Entering it twice yields the same response of disabled.

I have uploaded the two files in case these can assist Scott, although I know his focus is on the newer version.

Now I need to look at replacements for Bazooka and see if I can find one that works with the shift.

As always thank you for your patience and assistance.
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