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Originally Posted by myrroddin View Post
... I'm wondering about spells. You have Raise Ally and Soulstone; what about Revive?
local resSpells = {
	2008,   -- Ancestral Spirit (shaman)
	61999,  -- Raise Ally (death knight)
	20484,  -- Rebirth (druid)
	7238,   -- Redemption (paladin)
	2006,   -- Resurrection (priest)
	115178, -- Resuscitate (monk)
	50769,  -- Revive (druid)
	982,    -- Revive Pet (hunter)
	20707,  -- Soulstone (warlock)
As far as I know, that's every res spell that (a) has a cast time, and (b) is cast by one player on another.

I do plan to add support for Soulstone (the traditional kind that's cast on you before you die) and Reincarnation, similar to LibResComm_CanRes, but I want to get the basic stuff ironed out first.
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