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A Mishmash of Mentions

Today we have a number of different things to mention to everyone. First, for the authors - we have enabled the 5.0.x-compliant flag. If your addons are ready to go for 5.0.x you can now tag the live versions as such. Also, given that the intended purpose of the author beta keys is specifically so you can get your addons ready for the big patch, we will no longer be assigning keys as of now.

Next, for everyone - with 5.0.4 slated to go live next Tuesday (28 August 2012) we have multiple ways for you to keep track of what addons have been made 5.0.x compliant. You can check our MoP AddOn Survival Guide to see which of the top addons have been updated either here or on Curse. You can also check the latest 200 MoP-compliant new and updated list, the MoP beta download category, as well as getting emails whenever your favourite addons are updated (if you have that option enabled).

Blizzard has posted that with the upcoming release of patch 5.0.4, all items within the Logs directory for World of Warcraft will be deleted. If is advised that if you have any Combat Logs or Chat Logs that you want to save, you need to do so prior to the release of the patch.

Finally, Blizzard has also posted a Survival Guide of their own.

Originally Posted by Bashiok
With the release of Patch 5.0.4, a number of features and changes that arenít strictly in the continent of Pandaria will be added to the game. Iíve drummed up this guide (with the help of a lot of other people) to ensure youíre prepared for the patch, aware of how it will impact your characters and experience, and ultimately get you into and enjoying the improvements the patch brings as quickly as possible.
You should take the time to check it out so you will be ready when the patch goes live next week.

I think thatís about it for now. If you havenít already, you should also make sure to take part in our 10th Anniversary Celebrations!

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