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Originally Posted by tehiche View Post
Much love, as long as it's in there I'll be happy

I was fiddling a bit with trying to get the addon to show an aura if my target did not have living bomb, frost bomb or nether vortex on, so I could freely swap between them and wouldn't need to disable auras on a per fight basis.

It's a minor quality of life thing, I just prefer to use power auras instead of timer addons. That, and it's pretty nice when tabbing around to see which of the mobs with the same name just lost his bomb!
When you're putting up matches for an aura, in the dialog where you type in the buff/debuff name, there's a match list on the left side. Add a couple new matches for each debuff you want for the aura.

I use this to show either Revealing Strike (Combat) or Rupture (Assassination) on my target, to only have to work with 1 aura if I change specs etc.