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I don't expect to have this done now, but I'm posting before I forget.

A name for each display. Like I have 2 anchor displays, So I could call one "Raid Anchor" another "Player Anchor" these names would appear when you mouse over a display. Also having names makes it easier cause when you create a new buff/debuff display. Its icon doesn't change till the aura is triggered once. And even then some buffs use the same texture. So having names would go a long way in keeping this organized.

When you make a child display and anchor it to a parent, instead of showing a number. It would show the name of the display you anchored too.

Not sure if this makes a difficult cause if the user changes a name, then any child displays parent display would have to reflect the change as well. Where as the number is constant and will never change unless the display gets deleted.
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