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Q: Why don't you upload it to wowinterface / curse / wowace?
A: Carbonite is not like most other wow addons, it includes a license that forbid us from making changes to it. I'm banking on the authors being glad someone was keeping their work alive while they work on the real update, or are busy with real life... so i'm risking offering it for download from my personal server. I cannot and will not risk any legal action against MMOUI or Curse if the original authors take this fan update badly and do persue legal roads over it.

Q: Can I donate to you for your efforts?
A: I would prefer donations went to the original creators, the last thing I want is for them to say I did this update to steal the money they could generate. So if you feel the need to donate, do it to them. If you want to donate to both them and myself, I can accept that and just send me a message saying so.

Q: Why not rewrite everything instead of waiting around to find out what the authors think of this.. hell you can even kickstarter it!
A: I love carbonite, I've used it for years and updated it because I didn't want to lose all the features it has. If the original authors are silently working on an update, i would rather use it then start my own especially since they know the addon inside and out and can fix things I can't even dream of. If down the road it looks like starting over is the best option, that might be possible and definately has enough interest by both other programmers and users.

Q: Why the two quest database options?
A: Blizzard instanced all start area's, no matter gnome, elf or troll. This has messed up the internal quest database as it tries pointing you to the wrong places. If your working on one of those quests, you can switch POI systems and let blizzard guide you to the objectives.

Q: Why not update the quest database instead of the option?
A: Decrypting how carbonites quest database works / stores it's information was more then I was willing to do as a fan update without the authors permission.

Q: I tried zooming in on pandaria, and the maps don't line up WHY NOT??? [trollface]
A: While I have done a lot of work getting the 3 pandaria maps in, only 2 of them are scaled / lined up... I still need to do the third

Q: Does this mean the project is abandoned?
A: No. We have no idea what is going on, the authors could be working on there own version 5 of carbonite and just to busy to let us know. That is actually what we all hope is the case, but I know I can't live without carbonite even one day and neither can most of you, so I did the fan update to keep us going.

A: Applications are over there ------>

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