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I don't see any other slider other then the graphics slider and like I had mentioned before its set to next to lowest graphics setting at (FAIR) with the rest of the settings being LOW, FAIR, GOOD, HIGH, ULTRA this is the only slider settings I see.

As far as my other addons are concerned I only run Titan panel, gladitorlosa, BGTargets, Bagon, Crapaway, DBM(with only core and pvp mods loaded no raid info loaded), dot timers, gladius, doom pulse cooldown, power auras classic, and trinket bar. None of these pull more then pull more then 1.8MB where as NUI+ is pulling 20 to 40 MB.

I don't run recount and even when I do I use skada and only load dps and threat meter are the only options I track. But as for now all I do is pvp, so I dont even run this, when I pvp I want as few addons as I can get running so my FPS and response times are fast. Which gets us back to the issue that NUI IS hogging all the memory and really all its doing for me is drawing the interface its not tracking anything for me.