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Rythal -

I just wanted to express my thanks for your hard work on the Fan Update. It is people like you that continues to restore my faith in the WoW-Addon community.

I seem to be having one small issue that I can't figure out since your 003 update.

My Carbonite Menu button seems to be missing most of the time now. If I reload my interface, sometimes it comes back, and sometimes when it is back (and I preform a reload) it vanishes again.

I have tried wiping out Carbonite completely, and re-downloading and applying the addon.

I also use nUI and Leatrix in conjunction with Carbonite. Up until today, they have played nicely together, and in reality they still do with the exception of the menu button for Leatrix also going missing on the Carbonite Menu Bar.

I realize that these are fairly small issues, and in no way degrade my game play experience, I just thought I'd bring it up incase you had some thoughts.

Thank you again for all you have done.