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Originally Posted by Thorzon View Post
Hmm...they must not be all that busy.....
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Seems to me they have been around quite a bit lately. I think it's pretty lame that they can't take 5 seconds to post "Hey, we're still here and working on the update" versus letting everyone sit here wondering what they are up to and all the while still taking peoples money for supporting a product they aren't properly supporting.
You know how many times I have heard that line... about every major update and every expansion since they were no longer able to charge... Yes, it would be nice if they updated a quick note to us. But WoW and Carbonite are not their priorities anymore, they have other business that they attend to that generate them a more steady income (I'm sure they get about 90% of their donations on expansion releases and major updates). As for "still taking peoples money for supporting a product" since Blizzard did away with that years ago, they have never taken money for supporting Carbonite (this would constitute a paid version of an add on and therefore violate ToS). They leave it up and running and people donate to them if and when they want to. Eventually, after a few WoW expansions (lvl 110 unless someone creates another version) with no updates, people will eventually leave and forget about Carbonite.