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Sorry guys, but I see it like this. If you are going to solicit money from people then people will have a higher expectation of the level of service you should provide.
If it were just a small amount then ya, you're probably right that it shouldn't be a big deal, but...

Lets look at it this way.

Curse = nearly 1.8 MILLION downloads
Let's be conservative and say they have had 1 Million downloads here and another million on carboniteaddon.com
That's nearly 4 Million downloads
Let's say just 1% of those donated at their minimum of $5.
That's nearly $200,000 they possible made.

So, yea. I'm going to hold them to a higher standard than the guy offering true freebies.
And they could (and should) easily log in and post a message to the probably minimum 10's of thousands of players out there that rely on their product.